Suicide Intervention

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Grieving a Suicide: Help for the Aftershock

By David Powlison

Someone you know and love has died. You feel the emptiness and sorrow of loss. That alone is extremely hard. But suicide adds many other painful reactions to the heartache that death brings. Common reactions are feelings of anger, guilt, […]

Hope Beyond Despair

By Julie Gossack

There is no heartache equal to that of losing a loved one. Unanswered questions, despair and perhaps self-blame can leave those left behind with feelings of hopelessness. But true hope and help can be found in Christ alone. Julie Gossack […]

Help! My Friend is Suicidal

By Bruce Ray

Suicide is not new, but its acceptability and even popularity are quite new. Statistics indicate that more than 101 people take their own lives every day. However, those who work in the field of crisis intervention also testify that a […]

I Just Want to Die

By David Powlison

Are you having suicidal thoughts and feelings? Perhaps you are convinced that life is not worth living. Your life seems hopeless, like a black hole with all love, hope, and joy sucked out. David Powlison describes the various reasons you […]

Suicide: Understanding and Intervening

By Jeffrey Black

Suicide is profoundly tragic. What depth of unbearable pain and hopelessness suicidal people experience. And when a Christian commits or contemplates suicide, it is both tragic and confusing. Jeffrey Black tells us that the intention to commit suicide is a […]


When a Christian Dies by Suicide

By Jeffrey Black

Editor’s Note: In this third article of a four-part series on the BCC Grace and Truth blog on the topic of suicide, Jeffery Forrey shares biblical insight for when a Christian dies by suicide. In other contributions to the mini-series, Robert Jones provides nine […]

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