The Process of Biblical Heart Change: A Book by Julie Ganschow

Most serious, faithful Christians want to submit well to the process of sanctification. Many of us acknowledge areas of sin in our lives and are committed to joining the Lord in His work of sanctification within us. But often, we get stuck when we’re either not changing fast enough, or don’t seem to be changing at all. Biblical heart change can be an elusive concept. 

I’m currently training to become a certified biblical counselor through Word of Hope Ministries under the mentorship of Ellen Castillo. Among the wealth of diverse resources I have been assigned is Julie Ganschow’s workbook The Process of Biblical Heart Change. I found this book to be invaluable in its practicality and foundational teaching. Julie gets to the basics of why we sin and how to change. 

This resource is so impactful that I have taken my ladies’ Bible study group through it as well. It has greatly helped the women in my class to have a more biblical view of the areas in their lives that need to change and as a whole, they are on the road to producing greater spiritual fruit as a result. Each of them has told me private stories of how helpful the workbook has been to them. 

The Process of Biblical Heart Change joins other great books such as Paul Tripp’s How People Change and even Kris Lundgaard’s The Enemy Within in their essential nature for the life of a Christian. It’s a must-read for any believer looking to understand their own heart and how the Lord does His sanctifying work.

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